#WWHA: The Beauty of Body Hair is an artistic not-for-profit project designed to build up confidence in one of the human body's most basic, yet widely misunderstood elements; hair. 

Our vision is that every woman is able to love her body down to the smallest hair, wherein currently there is a stigma of masculinity surrounding hair perpetuated by an ancient understanding of gender as a strict binary.

In a world where profit-motivated marketing places hairless bodies on billboards and televisions, affecting the body image of millions if not billions of people, Project #WWHA contributes visual media that subtly breaks the norm of hairless models in order to bring meaningful conversation about in support of self acceptance around body hair.  

Our work adds to portfolios of models involved and to the overall ethos of positivity growing in the world today around body image and self-confidence in our bodies, just as we are. 

Supporters of our mission can help us by commenting or sharing in a positive way on social media, can model or photograph with our project, or can support us financially with either one time or monthly donations. We can only thank the supporters with early access to view the media we produce - even the pictures that don't turn out so well!. 

By participating, our supporters can contribute in a substantial way to the growing conversation about body positivity and actually directly impact the self-confidence of those connected to our project.


Those interested in becoming a part of the project as a model should read our model info page:


#WWHA is supported globally by individuals that share our vision of empowering confidence in the beauty of body hair.  

In addition to what we publish on our homepage galleries, we regularly shoot with established and aspiring models which furthers the vision of the project.   Though we may not publish all of the work, created for #WWHA, it is placed into an archive in our website. 

Join our many supporters by viewing options at the link below.