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We update our members section with new photo galleries each and every week of the year.

There are no video format updates of any kind included in the subscription.     

Please respect the privacy of the models. We retain copyright to our imagery. It is unlawful to post or transmit our images anywhere else on the internet.  Any posting of our models elsewhere on the internet is prohibited and may result in subscription termination, without refund.


Subscriptions are $39.97 USD for the first month and $34.97 USD for subsequent months.

The subscription is processed on your credit card by PayPal however you do not need a PayPal account to sign up.

For all subscriptions, credit cards will indicate a purchase from PAYPAL*CPRODUCTION
For all single downloads, credit cards will indicate a purchase from STRIPE*FIT MEDIA CA  or FIT MEDIA CA


After you have completed your transaction, PayPal will display your username & password directly on the screen.  Please write these down, as we cannot retrieve the password for you, and it will have to be manually re-set if you ever loose it. 

Using your fresh new login, enter the subscribers section by clicking here or using the "ENTER" buttons found on this website. Bookmark it after you are in so that you can always find it, as we may change the look and feel of our website from time to time.


You are responsible for writing down the username and password that our system automatically generates for you and displays on the screen after your payment has been completed. In cases of manual or mail-in subscriptions, we will make one effort to contact you to notify you of the receipt of your payment and the start of your membership. If you do not respond, or if we do not receive a bounce back, we will assume that the email was delivered to you, and that you read it and understood it. Your subscription will begin the day we process payment, and not when you either first notice it or start viewing the subscribers area. This subscription is non-refundable. This subscription grants you permission to view and to download any content from our website onto your own computer or portable device. All content is and shall remain our intellectual property and is copyright for the original photographer on exclusive licence to us. You may not transmit any content that has originated from our website other than to another device for your own viewing or archiving. Failure to abide by the above will result in subscription termination.


We collect the name and email information of our supporters so that we can assist in all customer service matters concerning the subscription.  We also use email to communicate with supporters regarding payment of the subscription, notice of its activation or deactivation, or inform supporters of new or interesting content.

We will never sell or give away personal information. We will never ask for a credit card number, nor any particular banking details. We will however send you email with notice of your login activity and we may send you important notifications from time to time.