2 WAYS TO SUPPORT the beauty of body hair:

Support our project for $39.97 and check out all the photography we've sponsored over the past few years, or donate any amount you choose to help us do more, or just to tell us we're awesome. 

If you're the tangible-things kind of person, you can support us through purchasing a lookbook


If you feel you want to help us do more, donate any amount you choose. Donations allow us to develop new projects, pay models, photographers and improve the experience and quality of media that we generate.  We will send you an email to thank you for the donation and fulfill the item below:

Pay $39.97 USD and get 1 month to view our photography archive & new work.

Pay $350 USD and get 1 year to view our photography archive & new work.

Pay $1,500 USD and commission a photoshoot complete with studio, hair, makeup and commercial image rights. We'll also feature the images on our homepage.

Please note, this option does not provide automatic access to our photography archive! - we still have to send you an email within 24 hours the old-fashioned way!



To support #WWHA on a recurring basis, join our subscription plan and receive access to view our photo archive from hundreds of photo shoots that this project has sponsored around the world since 2003.  We update our archive with both edited and unedited photos, with 4 new albums each week.  

The recurring plan is $39.97 USD for the first month and $34.97 USD for each month thereafter billed automatically on a recurring basis, and you may cancel at any time. 

Please note, this option will give you a login and password on the PayPal transaction page - please write them down!

You can cancel at any time by doing so from within your PayPal account history, and clicking on the details of any of your most recent support installments & following the PayPal cancel link.